Dynamic Inertia Explained

What is Dynamic Inertia?

Ever since the massive popularity of the shake weight, this term has been tossed around and associated with this popular product, but what exactly is Dynamic Inertia?  When you visit the official Shake Weight website, there’s not much information about it.  The company only describes this as a new workout technology that increases muscle activity by 300% compared to traditional weights.

Where Is It?

I tried looking for this term in some of the fitness and medical journals but came up empty.  I also tried doing a simple search for this term in Google by typing different variations, including “Dynamic Inertia Wiki” but nothing came up.

This term seems to be associated only with the shake weight product.  When we break it down, dynamic means that something is moving or accelerating, where static is just stationary.  Inertia is the energy or motion that is created along a straight line without any interference from an external force.  So technically, the company is not making any false statements.  As a matter of fact, you may have engaged in dynamic inertia in the past by using free weights in a distinct motion and you didn’t even know it.

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Dynamic Inertia Put To the Test

This technology was put to the test by Dr Daniel Cipriani, a professor at San Diego State University, which has one of the leading exercise physiology departments in the country.  This scientific study monitored muscle activity using EMG monitoring with the shake weight, as compared to using other similar size dumbbells and traditional dumbbell exercises.

The study revealed that the shake weight outperforms other similar size weights because of the rapid motion and isometric contraction and isolation of the upper body.  This unique rapid motion is responsible for muscle fatigue in such a short amount of time.

So Does Dynamic Inertia Work?

Whether you believe in this technology or not and the claims made by the company for increased muscle activity through dynamic inertia, the shake weight product has a huge following.


We haven’t heard the last from the term dynamic Inertia.  Is this term just another fancy name given to an exercise piece of equipment?  It’s possible, but let’s not pretend that Fitness IQ is the only company doing something like this.  Marketing and advertisement firms get paid really well to come up with fancy names, benefits and features.  In the end, all that matters is that the product works well and based on the reviews, that doesn’t seem to be a problem.