Shake Weight Exercises On The Go

If you are looking for some shake weight exercises for the shake weight, you will find some really cool exercises below.  If you already purchased the shake weight but received a damaged DVD or no DVD at all, the following shake weight exercises will help you get started with the workout program.  If you are thinking about purchasing the shake weight, this will give you an opportunity to view some of the exercises that are available when your purchase this product.

The great thing about the shake weight is that you can take it with you when you travel.  Most of these exercises can be done from a hotel room.



Don’t let the size and weight of the shake weight fool you.  It only weighs 5 pounds but it can provide some really good results if you follow the program on a consistent basis.  The key here is consistency.  You need to mix up the workout program so your muscles don’t get used to the weight.  You need to challenge them.  This is how to maximize the program and get the best results in the shortest amount of time.

***Please Consult Your Doctor Before Starting Any Workout Program.  The Shake Weight Looks Like a Light Program but Some of the exercise routines are rigorous***

Steps to take before you begin

Space – Make sure you have enough space around your room.  In order to maximize the full potential of this program, you want to move freely without knocking into furniture.  The shake weight exercises are not centered just around our biceps and shoulders.  Our goal with this program is to push our body through a full range of motion.  This is what separates a mediocre workout from a great workout.

Warmup – I know it’s tempting to grab the shake weight right out of the package and use it immediately, but take a few minutes to warmup your muscles before you begin.

Attire – Make sure you have proper clothing when engaging in these exercises

Breathing – Make sure you keep you breathing in check when performing these exercises.  Sometimes we tend to hold our breaths.


Below are 3 Specific moves you can do with the shake weight.  Remember to maintain posture and stability when doing these exercises and don’t hold your breath.

Assume the same stance for all 3 exercises.  Please make sure to have your shoulders width apart, toes straight ahead with a slight load at the hips.

Exercise #1 – Front

Shake Weight Exercises - Front

Begin Shaking the Weight with both hands for 30 seconds.  Ensure you have a nice stance and do this for 2 rounds and rest 15 seconds after each round.


Exercise #2 – Reverse

Shake Weight Exercises - Reverse

Assume a nice stance with your shoulders width apart.  Sit lightly at your hips and ensure your back is not extended.  Ensure your left hand is over right and your chin is off your chest.  Begin shaking the weight for about 30 seconds.  Do 2 rounds and rest after each round.


Exercise #3 – Single Arm

Shake Weight Exercises - Single Arm

Start with your right arm.  Your feet and shoulders should be width apart and balance should be at your hips.  Raise your arm.  Your elbow should be aligned with your shoulder and fist alighned with the elbow.

Now do the left arm, repeating the steps above.

Please take a look at the video below which goes into more detail:

That’s it.  Continue using these shake weight exercises and mix up the program.  The shake weight looks like a simple piece of equipment but if you challenge and push yourself, you will get some fantastic results.



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