Shake Weight For Men Review – Does it Work?

Thank you for coming to this website.  You are obviously looking for a shake weight for men review.  In the following paragraphs, I’ll discuss how the shake weight is supposed to work, does it REALLY work, and some of the pros and cons.  I’ll also provide some recent feedback from people who have actually tried the product and then I’ll let you decide for yourself.

So How Does The Shake Weight Work?

So at first glance, the shake weight looks a little ridiculous.  If you’ve seen the TV commercial, there’s this pulsating weight that has no motor and requires no batteries.  What some people don’t know is that this motion is not created by the weight.  You have to work to create this pulsating energy.  In other words, you have to do the shaking.

The Shake Weight itself has a spring mechanism in the middle and weights on both ends that help to create this pulsating motion.  The manufacturer claims that this motion sends energy that forces your muscle to contract up to 240 times per minute making it 7 times more effective than a regular dumbbell, which is why the shake weight only requires a 6 minute program versus 42 minutes for a dumbbell.

What’s Included in the Package

-The Shake Weight (5 lbs).
built of hard, rigid plastic and metal parts on each end.
Note: The shake weight for women is 2.5 lbs.

-A free instructional upper body sculpting DVD workout for the chest, triceps and shoulders – $15 value.

Some Pros and Cons

-It is fairly inexpensive.  The 100% Manufacturer Refund makes it really attractive.
-A quick 6 minutes a day workout routine.  Works great for people with busy schedules.
-You can travel with it because it is a single unit.
-Very durable and sturdy

-This is not a body builder workout, it is mostly for the upper body.
-You can’t increase the weight.
-Some users have experienced the weight to be a little noisy but not horrible.

Does It Really Work?

While it shouldn’t replace your gym membership, as the manufacturer claims, the shake weight does seem to hold it’s own.  It’s not going to get you ripped, like some dudes in those muscle magazines, but most men did notice a change in definition, strength and size after following the workout routine for a few weeks.
I think the big selling point for this product is the 6 minute workout program.  It seems silly that such a short exercise routine can provide results but most men agree that the burn and fatigue appear after each workout.  If your muscles don’t feel fatigued after the workout program, then your muscles will definitely feel it the next day.  If you don’t have 6 minutes a day, then you REALLY have no time to workout.

I did some research and I found some positive shake weight for men reviews.   While some men initially joked and felt skeptical, most men were really surprised at how the shake weight was far more effective than using a standard dumbbell.

See some reviews here for yourself:

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Now, the shake weight for men review that really impressed me was from a group of professional football players from the New York Jets.  During the 2010 Training Camp season, some members took part in the Shake Weight Challenge where they timed the endurance and strength levels using the shake weight.

All of the participants were really impressed and felt the shake weight could really improve their strength and endurance.  These are professional Athletes who have probably seen every piece of gym equipment known to man and had some really good things to say about this product.

Price and Where to Buy

The cost of the Shake Weight for Men is under $20.00 and a few bucks more if you want to get it with a timer.  You can find it now at

Well, that’s it.  I hope you found this shake weight for men review helpful.  It seems that most men that purchase the shake weight are really impressed by the results and how effective the shake weight can be over a regular dumbbell.

Click on the link below to go to and try out the Shake Weight for yourself  You have nothing to lose.